Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

Mr. Anjan Chowdhury

Maasranga TV was a special project which our late founder Chairman whole heartedly not only supported but also emphasized on quality and objectivity through professionalism. In the media industry quality footing must be in two-front, one is technology and another is skilled people. From the very beginning, Maasranga invested heavily on both. As a result, it becomes the country’s first High definition (HD) Channel that enables viewers to watch more vividly quality content.

You know that square group cherished the values of family bonding. Maasranga TV follows the same path and structures its program to cater every member of a family.

We put our focus on patriotism, history, culture and heritage. “Magic Bauliana” country’s only folk talent hunt TV program, which gives birth to an even bigger platform of Folkfest, which Maasranga proud to be instrumental. “Ranga Sokal” and “Tomai Gan Shunabo” are worth mentioning program in our decade long journey.

Beyond program, Maasranga News earned its reputation for impartial, objective and facts-based, where a wider audience can rely on. Investigative journalism on TV is another jewel of our achievement and received several awards.

Broadcasting media is facing tremendous challenge in today’s world due to fast technological change. Maasranga is not immune to those challenges. But we believe that diversification and multi-platform-driven content generation is the only way to go. We also heavily focus on the betterment of employee welfare.